iHostMyForm provides banks with an advanced digital form management solution that standardizes document transactions. While the bank benefits from a streamlined, digitized and standardized document management system that boosts operational efficiencies and generates exponential cost savings, gadget savvy (and typically busy) customers experience a refreshingly convenient way to submit electronically signed documents and forms.

Forms Available

  • Simplify KYC and Securitization Forms
  • Invoice Processing Forms
  • Expense Reporting Forms
  • Audit Sign-Off Forms
  • Asset Transfer / Retirement Forms
  • IT Asset Tracking Forms.
  • Human Resources related Forms
  • Legal Contract Management Forms


  • Streamlined Account Opening Services
  • Accelerated Lending Process
  • New Delivery Channel for Existing Documents
  • Supports Compliance Requirements
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Fast, Easy and Accurate Signature Verification
  • Financial Statements Assistance
iHostMyForm Demo

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