iHostMyForm’s highly secure multipurpose platform helps institutions and enterprises of all dimensions to streamline and automate digitally signed document transaction with customers and consumers.

iHostMyForm simplifies the traditional process of uploading signatures by enabling rapid online document signatures. iHostMyForm‘s advanced electronic signature technology benefits businesses having high volumes of electronic and digitally signed forms. Users can sign online documents on any device smartphones, tablets, computers) from any location, even when they are in transit.

iHostMyForm’s pioneering technology delivers a powerfully convenient virtual document management tool for any business having large document volumes that require electronic or digital signatures.

iHostMyForm is highly secure and ensures legal defensibility of the documents. Customers and consumers experience a delightfully intuitive and interactive platform for signing online documents. So no more paper, printing or faxing – just iHostMyForm.


  • Enterprises that operate based on approvals from authorized signatories.
  • Companies file tax returns faster.
  • Validate mutual agreements between parties in diverse geographical locations.
  • Legally authenticate any document that requires an individual’s signature.