Digital Document Portability

Imagine a superior document portability management that substantially shrinks document transaction cycle time while strengthening the legal defensibility of the documents. Documents can be retrieved anytime from any device with appropriate document publisher authorization.

iHostMyForm’s category leading features for online document portability enables users to store documents in a central location on their systems, irrespective of the location from where the forms are being submitted. iHostMyForm delivers exponential cost savings by complete elimination of stationery, postage and logistics. iHostMyForm best-in-class Digital Transaction Management (DTM) with cloud services is built to digitally manage your document transactions.

  • Experience a new level of operational excellence with swift execution, reduced errors and superior customer experience.
  • Eliminate friction inherent in transactions that involve people, documents and data with a faster, convenient and secure platform.
  • No more lost/missing data and documents or process breakage.
  • Complete visibility into document workflow.
  • Dramatically reduced operating costs.