About iHostMyForm

iHostMyForm is a Digital Transaction Management & Transaction Execution Platform, with an eco friendly Digital Form Filling System for your businesses across the world.

iHostMyForm was founded by an ex-bankers who realized that the existing processes in place in terms of documentation was becoming more of an hindrance than an enabler in terms of moving the business forward. It was out of sync with both customers, as well as functional business requirements. Customers demanded a simple, intuitive, self-empowered documentation process which could be used anywhere that would be easy to access and simple to use.

Alternatively business functions required a documentation solution that enabled better collaboration between front end teams and back end processes. Existing solutions were tedious, inflexible, costly and often disregarded the requirements of both customers as well as business processes.

As a result, businesses often lose customers and invaluable employee along with the resources which could have been better utilized in pursuit of tasks which ached for a better solution. This insight spurred our founders to tackle the issue with a paperless digital documentation solution head-on. A year of intensive conceptualization and another spent in hard research and product development has yielded a state of the art solution which is all set to revolutionize the process of documentation.

Our goal is to bring documentation into the 21st century where customer convenience, professional necessity and environmental consciousness partner together, to create a truly networked and responsible business solution.

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