iHostMyForm enables absolutely safe user transactions with high security and privacy; and users needn't worry about exhaustive and cumbersome uploading process. Users can now function faster while providing vastly enhanced customer experience and support in a safe and secure mode. Users have complete control over the data and instant visibility to document completion status irrespective of the location where the form is being filled.


iHostMyForm Security Protocols

  • Electronic documents cannot be passed or filled by unauthorized persons. Protocol control over the document is managed by authorized persons in accordance with the workflow.
  • All documents are accessed securely during the signing process within the secured repository to validate document integrity, control of the document should be managed, and sender oversight of the process is ensured.
  • Secure and authenticated view of the repository with tools to manage documents sent and received.
  • Private and confidential documents are encrypted in storage, allowing only authorized users to access them. Document storage control is designed such that it exposes the data to authorized users based on the customized options.
  • Documents stored at the application level of encryption provide confidentiality and assurance. While this is a significant engineering effort that is rarely provided, iHostMyForm is designed to provide this essential layer of protection to users. This ensures no unauthorized parties, including system administrators can access documents unless they are authorized as per protocol.